• The jacket is a deep navy blue, a timeless and elegant choice often associated with formal evening wear.
  • It features a double-breasted closure with six buttons, a classic design that provides a sophisticated and commanding presence.
  • The jacket is adorned with a peak lapel in black satin, which is typical of a tuxedo or formal evening jacket, adding a touch of luxury and formality.
  • The main fabric is a fine wool or a wool blend, suitable for formal events. The black satin lapel contrasts with the matte navy fabric, emphasizing the jacket's formal nature.
  • The jacket includes flap pockets, which add a touch of traditional tailoring to the otherwise sleek and modern appearance.
  • The black bow tie complements the satin lapel and adds to the overall formal look. The fit is tailored and precise, emphasizing a sleek silhouette.
  • The jacket is tailored to fit closely to the body, with structured shoulders and a slim waist, indicative of a contemporary and stylish approach to classic formal wear.